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Sunflower“Sunflower” teenagers’ magazine

It all began in January 1999, when 200 copies of a very small magazine (only 8 black and white pages) with a very luminous name, the “Sunflower”, appeared in some schools of Yerevan.
Zara, Hratch, Artak, Naira, Armine, Arousik and David announced that they were ready to be part of our society by the means of this magazine.
From then on, the story of the “Sunflower” symbolizes not only the success of  its establishment and its creative achievements but also the efforts put into overcoming many difficulties.
Today “Sunflower” is a small but important and meaningful part of the Armenian press. Firstly, it’s one of the rare children’s magazines that is published constantly in the last 14 years. The “Sunflower” is the first to speak about the breaking down of existing stereotypes, equality and the right of all society members to lie a full life. It has also made the disability issue one of the most important themes of the magazine.
Today, the “Sunflower” is published in 1000 copies with 32 pages and a colorful poster on the rights of children, MDG-s and on Convention on the right of persons with disabilities. The “Sunflower” is distributed in 33 schools in Yerevan and 108 schools in 8 regions of Armenia.
It has already educated a generation of young journalists. In fact, some of the young journalists of “Sunflower” have already chosen a career in journalism by continuing their education in the universities.
What the “Sunflower” is really looking for? — First of all it seeks to enhance true and high values in children. It also seeks to enhance free thinking that is cleansed of stereotypes and prejudice.
Finally, it creates harmony and equality that CAN be reached BY the full and united efforts of all generations of the “Sunflower”. This magazine is here to show honesty, beauty and all the values that exists in our life, in our minds and in our souls, but that are sometimes hidden away.
We will always search for these hidden values and we can find them in the deepest corners of our hearts. It will always remind us how beautiful and honest the world can be if that is what we really want. This is the way that our magazine, the “Sunflower”, seeks to progress.

The “Sunflower” magazine’s publication is supported by DANIDA, Mission East, OXFAM and DFID.